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Newly mapped lost branch of the Nile could help solve long-standing pyramid mystery

Using satellite imaging and analysis of cores of sediment, new studies published Thursday in the journal Communications Earth & Environment has mapped a 64-kilometer (40-mile) long, dried-up, branch of the Nile, long buried beneath farmland and desert.

“Even though many efforts to reconstruct the early Nile waterways have been conducted, they have largely been confined to soil sample collections from small sites, which has led to the mapping of only fragmented sections of the ancient Nile channel systems,” said lead study author Eman Ghoneim, a professor and director of the Space and Drone Remote Sensing Lab at the University of North Carolina Wilmington’s department of Earth and ocean sciences!! by CNN news!!

as we said huge blocks of limestone for buildings pyramid carried by river nile during flood what they found to confirm our theories! thanks alot and as I said with Technology will discover more facts about how ancient egyptian built thats Great pyramids and Temple for around 5000 years !!!

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